500ml Liquid Hand Disinfectant - CROSSPOINT FOREIEN TRADE LTD.

500ml Liquid Hand Disinfectant


Dermotologically tested.It destroys viruses and bacteria by 99.9%.
Safe Usage Information: Washed and free from coarse dirt apply in dry hands. Hands taking 3ml of solution into the palm 30 rub for seconds. Washed and free of coarse dirt dry hands and arms rub to the elbows. Mitts when applied, be sure to change the gloves when you are done.
Information to Protect Against Fire and Explosion: Keep away from flammable materials.
Features to be Contained in Warehouses and Storage Containers: Store in dry, ventilated and away from daylight. Do not store with dangerous substances.Keep it closed and upright.
Other Precautions: Avoid contact with eyes. Steam and particlesavoid breathing. Keep away from severe reaction substances.Check that the product is not closed, torn, crushed and open.


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